Aros is a new OS, that is based on the 3.1 API with lots of Improvements. It is available for different platforms including 68k, X86 and ARM. The most advanced platform is X86 (descriptions below are for X86, there can be differences on other platforms).


Icaros X86 Aros-Distribution


Aros 68k

Main features:

  • It is Opensource. Everyone can help by donating money, testing or develop Drivers, improve the core-system or create new Applications.
  • It is based on the 3.1.-API (Amiga OS). Because there is now a 68k-Version, it can be tested against real applications, the API can be improved and compatibility to 68k is getting higher and applications and knowledge can be easier transfered. At the same time it has more advanced features implemented.
  • It runs on Standard-Hardware and already supports many different Chipsets. That means you can use your existing hardware. And because Aros is very efficient it even runs on old hardware very smoothly.

Short description:

Everyone can download and install it on the own PC. To test it there is the chance to install it hosted on the existing environment (f.e. the Icarosdesktop). Of course this solution is much slower than installing it natively and just useful to take a look at it and for first tests.

The main environment is “Wanderer”, the Workbench for Aros. For those who prefer a preinstalled distribution are different options like Aros Broadway, Aspireos and Icarosdesktop (Links below).

The System is based on the “3.1”-api with new features. So everyone who knows this from “Classic”-days will feel familiar soon.

Examples of supported hardware:

  • Support of different chipsets (Graphic/Sound)
  • IntelGMA-Support
  • Mesa/Gallium3D
  • Wireless-Support
  • Intel, ARM and AMD
  • ...

Further informations on the links below.


For every OS availability of Software is crucial. First, 68k software can be used by installing E-UAE and Janus-UAE. Janus-UAE is more integrated in Aros. Then there are already a lot of Applications and Games native available for X86.

A few examples:

  • ArosAMP (Music Player)
  • Maker3D (3D RPG Creator)
  • Languages like Rube, Free Pascal, PortablE (Amiga-E), Monkey, Frexx (Rexx), Perl, Python, SDL Basic...
  • Emulation of Amiga-68k, Dos, ZX-Spectrum, AtariST, AppleII, C64/C128, Sony Playstation...
  • Many Games, f.e. Ports of SDL-Games and Egoshooter that make use of 3D-Hardware including AssaultCube, Cube 3D, Cube 2, Quake, Quake III

Links for further informations:









Hardware Compatibility List

Aeros (youtube) Aros based on Linux-kernel with WINE and 68k-Emulation